Author, International Speaker,
High Impact Consultant, and
Founder & CEO of Mass Participation World
The region’s only industry conference,
fostering collaboration and driving
best practice in mass participation
In a career spanning over 30 years, Chris has been at the helm of events for more than a million participants, working with a diverse range of clients
Author, International Speaker,
High Impact Consultant, and
Founder & CEO of Mass Participation World

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An impactful speaker with a unique story, Chris leverages his life experiences to deliver motivational, inspirational and industry specific talks.
Mass Participation Asia
Asia's only mass participation conference that brings the industry together to foster collaboration and drive best practice.
From event organizers to brands and sponsors, governments to agencies, Chris has helped various stakeholders deliver and achieve business goals through mass participation sports events.
Through B1G1, Chris is committed to creating tangible impact with reputable charities and non-profits globally.

Past and present clients


Robbie McEwen AM
Triple Tour de France Green Jersey Winner and winner of over 200 professional races

“A great communicator and innovator”

I witnessed how he oversaw a massive & logistically complicated event helping it run smoothly and making it a huge success. I have learned a great deal from watching Chris & by following his advice. He is a great communicator & innovator in a segment that he has helped to pioneer in Asia.

Josh Black
Former CEO, GroupM Content Asia Pacific

“Like a championship quarterback”

There are few individuals that understand and have thrived in this space across multiple decades, countries, sports and event formats.  Chris has ice in his veins and is like a championship quarterback – he sees what is going to happen 3-4 plays before it does and his team can then react before the issue even happens.

Phil Liggett MBE
The Voice of Cycling

“Here then is your bible”

Chris’ heart is in seeing the cycling and running phenomenon blossom in Asia and he has not missed a chance to contribute and educate. His book is based on hard-earned experience from around the globe, cracking open the mysteries behind putting on a successful mass participation event. To those who want to organise, here then is your bible.

Lim Teck Yin
CEO, Sport Singapore

“His experience and expertise are key”

Mass participation events are an essential element to any city’s sports strategy.  They have the widest reach and are the most visible manifestation of any narrative of a livable city.  Successful mass participation events require the same degree of professional planning and project management as any other elite competition. To this end, Chris Robb’s experience and expertise is key.

Fred Uytengsu
Chairman, Sunrise Events, Inc.

“Taken mass participation in Asia to a new level”

Chris Robb has taken the concept of mass participation in sports in Asia to a new level, offering people an opportunity to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lorna Campbell
Regional Director, APAC, H+K Strategies

“An expert in the field of mass participation”

I’ve known Chris for over 10 years, having worked with him on many of his international sporting events. He knows exactly what it takes to create a truly unique and successful event that satisfies not only the participants but also the sponsors and key stakeholders. His MPA conference was one of the best I’ve attended, and the experience and insight Chris shared during the delivery of his key note speech was hugely impactful.

Alan Rushton
Founder and CEO, Sport for Television

“Few can equal him”

Having worked with Chris Robb for more than 12 years and on a variety of events, I can say that I have never met a person more suited to the work they do. Creative, attentive to detail and an inveterate networker, Chris get things set up and ready to go, closely inspects the result and, as a result, bakes an even better cake next time.

Daniel Metcalfe
Co-Founder, Pagoda Kingdom

“Remains humble and always willing to share”

His career achievements speak for themselves – but more important are his personal qualities. Chris has a relentless passion for what he does and has grown an incredible network around him. He remains humble and always willing to share knowledge and assistance wherever and whenever he can. I can fully endorse him as a speaker, mentor and facilitator.

Gloria Ng
Director and Co-Founder, Dirigo Events

“Exactly what the industry needs”

Chris’ foresight which led to the creation of programmes such as Mass Participation Asia, pulling industry leaders together and his willingness to share his vast knowledge and expertise is exactly what the industry needs.

Tony Bonney
Managing Director - Podium. On Purpose; Associate Partner, Axialent

“Loyalty. Entrepreneurial courage. Curiosity. Inclusiveness. Trust.”

I connected with Chris immediately the first time we met over a sharing of the things I value, the things that I experienced in every engagement with him. I trust Chris, admire him and I look forward to working with him again and more. I would recommend you do as well.

Craig Dews
Chief Executive, Limelight Sports Group

“A world class operator”

For more than 20 years, Chris has been a world class operator in mass participation sports events with a really insightful and in-depth knowledge of the industry, particularly in the fast-evolving Asian marketplace. His public presentations on the subject are thoughtful and insightful but most importantly, they are based on a wealth of experience of creating and delivering large scale, iconic mass participation events.

Craig Sheridan APM
Managing Director, Sheridan Consulting Group

“One of the best leaders I have had anything to do with”

Chris Robb is one of the best leaders I have had anything to do with. From the Sydney Olympics to the Singapore Marathon, Chris’s attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is highly respected in the Events industry which is illustrated by the success of Mass Participation Asia. Chris is also a powerful public speaker who inspires his audience.

Sean Davidson
Head of Marketing & Communications, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Asia

“Mass participation guru par excellence”

Since working with him on the Singapore Marathon, Chris has been a great business partner, mentor and friend; he is one of the most influential people in my career in the past few years. Sports and business partnerships is a fast growing segment in Asia Pacific. I recommend Chris as the go-to person to any company seeking consultation on a mass participation event strategy in the region.

Ricky Nowak
Leadership Speaker, Author, Executive Coach, Leadership Development Expert

“Speaks as authentically as he works”

Every so often someone stands out from the crowd for their integrity, passion and commitment to making a difference in the work they do. Chris Robb is one such person whose attention to detail and people make him someone you can trust. He speaks as authentically as he works and does what it takes to ensure great outcomes every time.

David Hansen
Former Owner, SuperSprint Events

“World Class!”

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris for over 20 years in the industry and can recommend that he is one of the true professionals and more recently, a brilliant speaker at conferences. He created, developed and managed some excellent event properties in the mass participation market most notably the Singapore Marathon with over 50,000 participants. His knowledge, experience and expertise is world class!

Andrew Griffiths
International Bestselling Author and Global Speaker

“An absolute professional … will have your audience enthralled”

I highly recommend Chris as a speaker. He’s an absolute professional, extraordinarily knowledgeable and will have your audience enthralled by the messages he shares.

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